Your score is: 0 /500


81-100 Excellent

Congratulations! You are a gender champion! Gender equality is part and parcel of your business strategy. Would you like to share your story with us? You can also use the e-courses in WE-MASTER to train your staff and suppliers.

61-80 Good

Well done! You have taken important steps to promote gender equality in you company and are on a fast-track to become a gender champion! Have a look at the free e-learning offer in WE-MASTER: it may help you get to the next level!

41-60 Fair

Keep it up! It looks like your have laid the milestones towards gender equality in your company. You may however be missing importants element that would help you prevent discrimination and make equality part of you business assets. The e-learning courses in WE-MASTER can help you make better use of all the available talent! You may also contact us via WE-MENTOR.

21-40 Unsatisfactory

Watch out!  Occasionally caring about equality won't add to the bottom line. You are likely to be missing the opportunities offered by women's talents. Also, you may be at risk of non-compliance! Go to WE-MASTER and take our free on-line courses. You can also contact us us via WE-MENTOR to get advice.

1-20 Fail

This is a wake up call! You are at high risk of non-compliance. In addition you are definitely risking to miss the long-term benefits of a diverse, motivated, skilled and productive workforce. As a first step, go to WE-MASTER and take our free on-line courses. You can also contact us us via WE-MENTOR to get advice.


Your path to equality

Goal: Promote equal opportunities and access employment and be hired.


Your path to voice equity

Goal: Promote equal opportunities and treatment to interact, express opinions and contribute as part of a team to solve problems.


Your path to equal pay

Goal: Women and men receive a fair wage, in compliance with current and applicable national legal framework.


Your path to work climate

Goal: Promote healthy, safe and respectful working environment for all.


Your path to work/life balance

Goal: Women and men begin to renegotiate paid and unpaid work, and enjoy paternity and maternity leave.